Tween Title: Operation Frog Effect by Sarah Scheeger

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

I have been scouring the internet for possible Newbery potentials and this novel came across my list. While I didn’t want to use it as one of my mocks I do think that readers will enjoy this book and I wanted to talk about it.


It’s the start of the school year and new teacher Ms. Graham is going to challenge the expected. Classmates who started off as strangers may find themselves with life long connections.

Emily has always been best friends with Aviva and Kayley. However, on the first day of school, they don’t save her a seat and she is forced to sit with a group of kids she doesn’t know. Kayley has decided for her and Aviva that they have outgrown Emily, if only Emily would take the hint.

Henry is desperate to be funny and provides a filmmakers insight into this classroom’s school year.

Kai, Sharon, and Cecelia, are quiet unknowns, but as the school year progresses, their stories unfold.

Blake has trouble with writing and reading, but he can truly use his drawing skills to show the world his sometimes challenging life.

When this group of students takes a class project too far and they might lose their teacher, they must work together to find their voice to save what they love.


I loved the variety of narrative formats used in this novel to tell the story. It helped distinguish the different perspectives. This is certainly a Wonder…Mrs. Bixby’s Last Day…Loser’s Club readalike. While parts of it felt trite, I feel that the inspirational message of the story will connect with young readers.



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