Tween Book Review: Our Castle by the Sea by Lucy Strange

Hiya everyone, it’s Sarah!

I received this as an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. It is getting Newbery buzz. This book is a follow-up to another book, which I only just realized right this moment when I looked at the Goodreads summary.

41473945. sy475 Summary:

Pet lives with her family in a light house, during World War II. Her mother is a German immigrant and the local English town will not ignore her heritage. Even though Pet’s mother has been living in England for most of her adult life, she is sent to a German interment camp. Pet’s family is barely able to function without the calming force of her mother. Pet’s sister, Mags, wants to fight against the Germans, though because she is a girl, her father forbids it. Each member of Pet’s family is hiding a dangerous secret and she just may be the only person able to save everyone.


I think that this book does work well as a stand-alone novel, based on the fact that I didn’t realize that there was a companion. I think that the action and mystery will appeal to guy readers and girl readers will find themselves connected to the main character. I think it explores racism in a context that is not typically highlighted and will continue the conversation about how we treat others. I wasn’t particularly a fan of Pet or her sister, but I think that the pace of the novel will keep readers invested. This is a read-a-like to Wolf Hollow.



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