TBR Thursday: Rules We’re Meant to Break by Natalie Williamson

Hi All!  It’s Becky, again.  I was given Rules We’re Meant to Break at a conference last May but I never got around to read it until now.  This was a cute book.  Here are my thoughts:

39897728._SY475_.jpgTitle: Rules We’re Meant to Break
Author: Natalie Williamson

Summary: Amber’s life has always been controlled by her mother’s love life.  Her mother’s boyfriends have effected where they live, who Amber can date and where they spend their holidays.  Amber was used to her constantly changing life until a particularly nasty break-up that leaves Amber frustrated and done with her mother’s romantic drama.  Amber creates a list of rules that she will follow to keep her mother’s relationships from impacting her future.  Now, it’s Amber’s senior year and her mother just moved them in with her latest boyfriend, Kevin. Kevin seems like he actually cares about Amber but Amber knows she must avoid Kevin, his daughter, Cammie, and Cammie’s friend, the adorable basketball star, Jordan who makes Amber feels things she doesn’t want to.

Review:  I have a complicated relationship with the books published through Swoon Reads.  I think the program which allows readers to vote on manuscripts with the winner getting published is awesome.  Plus, I truly enjoyed The Boy Next Door by Katie Van Ark and Kissing Max Holden by Katy Upperman however other books from the imprint were just kind of “meh” for me.  This all leads me to Rules We’re Meant to Break by Natalie Williamson which is my latest read from Swoon Reads.  This book leans more towards the Katie Van Ark and Katy Upperman end of my Swoon Reads spectrum however I didn’t completely love it.  The story of Amber trying to muddle her way through her mother’s ever-changing love life definitely had cute moments and Amber definitely came across as a strong female lead.  However, Amber’s strength translated into stubbornness which got a little frustrating.  I get why she developed her life rules but her unwillingness to budge even a little bit got a little old pretty quickly.  Also, there are a lot of allusions to Amber’s mother’s boyfriend’s divorce that were never answered.  This is a teen book and the parents are in the background and I understand why the author chose to not address the issue directly but then she should stop alluding to the divorce.  It just felt kind of unfinished.  Plus, I find the resolution to Amber’s college money issues a little too easy.  It would be nice to wave a magic money wand to fix everything but life doesn’t work that way and neither should a realistic fiction book.  The best part of the story was Amber’s budding relationship with Jordan.  They had moments of cuteness and sizzle that makes the book worth reading however even that relationship felt a little unresolved.  I would have like to see more about them connecting and interacting.  Yet, even with those slight issues Rules We’re Meant to Break is a cute book that is a fast read and would be a great distraction on snowy weekends this winter.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5


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