CatWad: It’s Me & CatWad: It’s Me, Too by Jim Benton

Hi All!  It’s Becky and Sarah :).  Sarah and I decided to try something different with these books we just received from Jim Benton, thanks Jim Benton!  I wrote a review for these new graphic novels and then Sarah added her own commentary and opinions, of course.  We hope you enjoy it! I feel like I want to add more emojis to this post.



Title: Catwad: It’s Me & CatWad: It’s Me, Too
Author: Jim Benton
Note: We received copies of these books from the authors in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are our own (I would want it any other way).

Summary: CatWad is a grumpy cat, which you can tell from the very large frownie face.  Blurmp also a cat but he is optimistic and happy, hence the large, shall I say, dopey eyes. Like cats are attracted to people who don’t like them, peppy people flock to the grumpy ones. The two are best friends who don’t agree on anything but their friendship is filled with hilarious adventures. I am particularly fond of the episode where they are deciding what color to paint their house.

Review: These books are just kind of silly.  CatWad and Blurmp spend their days 43319640._SY475_being sarcastic and wacky in a way that will make young readers giggle.  The books are a series of short cartoons that don’t have any overarching theme which may disappoint hardcore graphic novel readers however readers who enjoy books of comic strip collections may enjoy these books that are a funny quick read. This will work as a great bridge from the first reader fiction into something more challenging. It will get the readers who demand pictures and comics, but brings them into the more challenging graphic novel fold. I can think of quite a few readers who are ready for this series and would enjoy this opening into a new section of the library/book store.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5

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