The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black


Hi all!  It’s Becky.  It took me a while to warm up to Holly Black’s The Folk of the Air series.  I enjoyed the first book but didn’t love it however by the time I was finished with the second book I had already put the third book on the top of my TBR List.  Here are my thoughts on the last installment in this series.


Title: The Queen of Nothing
Author: Holly Black
Note: I listened to the audiobook.
Other books in this series that I reviewed: The Cruel PrinceThe Wicked King

Summary: Jude has spent the last decade living as a mortal in the Faerie realm.  She never planned on returning to the human world but when she is exiled by Cardan, the King, and her secret husband, Jude must return to the home of her childhood.  However, when her twin sister, Taryn, arrives at Jude’s door and asks her to pretend to be Taryn for a royal inquiry in Faerie, Jude must return to her former home where she uncovers a conspiracy and learns the truth about her exile.

Review: This is a difficult book to discuss without giving away any major plot points but I’m going to try to do this spoiler-free.  This book grabs you from the first page puts you on an amazing track that you can’t get off.  Holly Black wrote a book that is filled with family drama, palace intrigue, and sizzling romance. The characters are strongly developed,  and now that we are on book three, they feel very real.  Jude proves to be the same strong and smart character that she has been since the first page of The Cruel Prince.  She is a warrior and ruler and just kind of nifty.  Jude’s moments on page with Cardan are filled with sarcasm and sexual tension.  The moments they get to be together are pitch-perfect however the one weakness of the book is that Jude and Cardan have limited interactions.  Away from the romance, The Queen of Nothing has perfectly written world-building and dark and twisted battles that make the book so much fun to read.  There are curses and murders and betrayals that make the book feel decadent like the best dessert.  Black concluded her trilogy on a high that left this reader wanting more.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5

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