TBR Thursdays: The Impossibility of Us by Katy Upperman

Hiya everyone,

I am working through some of the older ARCs that I have been uncovering on my book shelf. This is one that I got from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



Ellis is forced to start her senior year at a new school and she hates being uprooted from everything she knows. However, after her older brother died and his surviving widow and young child moved away, Ellis’s mother needed to move away from old memories and to be closer to her grandchild. Ellis’s mother is working on her new novel and forces her out into the world to make friends. One morning, when taking her dog for a walk, she saves a handsome dude from drowning in the surf. She finds herself drawn to Mati, but he is temporarily in the US from Afganistan, where Ellis’s brother lost his life in the military. Ellis can’t keep away, even when her mother and sister-in-law refuse to accept their relationship. Can this budding romance survive?


While this book came out in July of 2018, it already feels dated. Ellis is combating racism in her family due to the war in Iraq. This does exist and is relevant, but it would work better if the novel was set a few years back. I thought Mati was sweet and his poetry gave a unique insight into his head, though I feel like I didn’t get to know the main characters as much as I would have liked. Overall, it was a nice romance novel that addressed issues of racism in the US.



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