Bookish Gift Buying Guide

Hi Everyone!  It’s Becky.  Today is Black Friday or how I like to think of it…the most intense shopping day of the year.  This year Black Friday also happens to be on my birthday!  I thought in honor of these two events happening on the same day I would share some great gift ideas for the bibliophile in your life.

Mo Willem Tee-Shirt From Out of Print
tee shirt.jpg
Out of Print has bunches of incredible gift ideas for any bibliophile.  They have everything from tote bags to tee-shirts to onesie with designs inspired by books from Where the Wild Things Are to Slaughterhouse Five.  Their inventory is vast but this Pigeon tee-shirt may be my favorite thing on their site. 

Cinder Poster on Lithographs


Lithographs has an entire online catalog filled with amazing book inspired art.  They sell everything from tote bags to tee-shirts and scarfs to blankets and pillows that draw inspiration from over 200 books.  However, I think the coolest thing on their website are the posters. This one inspired by Marissa Meyer’s Cinder is just beautiful.

YA Book Coloring Books
There are dozens of color books inspired by books now on the shelf at your local bookstore, Target, or on Amazon.  The Selection Coloring Book is one of my favorites (it’s very relaxing coloring in all those dresses!) but I also purchased the coloring books for Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass Series and a couple Harry Potter themed books.

The Raven’s Prophecy Tarot
I actually own a few book themed sets of tarot cards but these The Raven Boys cards are my favorite.  Each card is beautifully illustrated by the author and relate perfectly to the book series.

Monthly Book Box Subscription Boxowlcrate.png
Monthly book box subscriptions are the perfect gift that can last the whole year.  Every month the subscriber receives a signed book and a whole lot of book themed tchotchke.  There are a lot of these services but Owlcrate appears to be one of the most popular and they offer 3 and 6 month pre-paid plans. Other services to consider are Totally Booked Crate which offers two subscription options and a one-time buying option and Now in Books which sends every subscriber a QR code to access a playlist based on that month’s book selection.

What book-ish gift is on the top of your Christmas list?  Add you picks in the comment section!

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