The Gentleman’s Guide To Getting Lucky by Mackenzi Lee

Hi Everyone!  It’s Becky, again.  I am eagerly awaiting the release of Mackenzi Lee’s The Nobleman’s Guide to Shipwrecks and Scandals in 2020.  I was very happy when I found The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky on Overdrive.  This romantic novella was the perfect holdover to help me wait for the next novel in the Montague Siblings Series.

48354686._SX318_.jpgTitle: The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky
Author: Mackenzi Lee
Note: I listened to the audiobook.

Summary: Monty is finally living his happily ever after when his true love/best friend Percy.  The only problem is that the couple hasn’t been able to be completely intimate.  Can these two lovers put aside their fears and insecurities to find their happily ever after?

Review: It takes a certain level of skill for an author to create a complete story in just barely 120 pages but Lee accomplished that and much more.  In this short novella, the author gives us another layer to Monty and Percy’s love story.  We get to see them as a couple and we see them stumble through the beginnings of their relationship.  Their romance is sweet and illustrates a simple kind of love which was just kind of nice to read.  However, this is still Monty’s narration so the book is also filled with inappropriately hilarious moments that leave you laughing out loud.  Lee created a short story that is funny while being heartfelt with a douse of romance which left me counting the days until the next book in series is released.

Final Rating: 5 out 5

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