TBR Thursdays: Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger

Hiya everyone, it’s Sarah!

I have been trying to start a book club at my library, but it isn’t going well (I hope to bribe them with pizza next month). My pick for this month was Keeper of the Lost Cities because there are quite a few fanatical readers of this book. I thought it was important that I read it and thought it might spark some great discussion.


Sophie Foster has been able to read minds since she was five years old. She is a 12 year-old who is a senior in high school because of her photographic memory. Sophie completely feels like she doesn’t fit in. While on a field trip with her class, Sophie encounters another telepath, Fitz. He tells her that she is part of elvish society and brings her back to his world. Giving up her ties to the human world, Sophie begins attending school and living with adoptive parents in the new world. While she needs to re-train her brain for elvish school, she is desperate to stay. As she is navigating this world, mysterious brush fires are killing people in the human world. Do these fires have something to do with elvish secrets?


The characters in the book were dynamic. There were many to pick from and they are easy to love. The world building was well done. I like the difference in animals, candies and customs (what I wouldn’t have given to have a celebration of gifts after midterms and finals in my world). I enjoyed the superpowers because they are unique enough that they help this book stand apart. I get why the young readers love it and can see myself reading the next book.

Also, I love the resources that exist for this book. It was the best book discussion pick I have had thus far. There are educator and book discussion resource guides with questions, activities and recipes! Thank you!!! I had a few ideas of my own, but the ones in the guide were much better. They even linked to the playlists the author created for the books! It was the added resources that pushed this book over-the-top.



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