The Good Girl’s Guide to Being Bad by Cookie O’Gorman

Hi All!  It’s been a crazy few weeks and I needed a fun YA romance to help clear my brain cobwebs.  The Girl’s Guide to Being Bad proved to just be kind of cute.  Here are my thoughts:

44089437._SY475_.jpgTitle: The Good Girl’s Guide to Being Bad
Author: Cookie O’Gorman
Note: I listened to the audiobook.
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Summary: Sadie has always lived her life as a “good girl”.  Sadie doesn’t swear, she’s never skipped class and she has never been kissed.  Sadie has always known herself and been okay with who she is, that is until she gets her Career Aptitude Test, the test that tells her she is best suited to be a nun.  Sadie knows she has to shake up her life and she has a list of goals that will take her off the path to the convent.  Sadie needs a guide into the life of a “bad girl” and she finds the perfect guide in her best friend’s twin brother, Colton.  The only problem is that they hate each other or do they?

Review: Sometimes you just really need a cute romance book and that perfectly describes The Good Girl’s Guide to Being Bad.  Sadie is a girl who is happy with who she is but she also realizes that she may be missing part of life.  She is realistic and her story is relatable to the teen readers who may have spent more of their lives at the library than at a party.  Sadie doesn’t want to change who she is, she just wants to have the experiences that she is missing.  For that reason, I greatly appreciate what O’Gorman wrote.  She did not make her main character change her identity instead the author just gave Sadie real-life experiences that fit within Sadie”s personality.  Sadie’s love interest, Colton, was an equally realistic and relatable character.  He was misunderstood and not as much a bad boy as a good guy in disguise.  Their story and their connection were sweet and their journey through Sadie’s “Naughty List” was fun.  The book is simple but enjoyable and a great little bit of romantic escapism.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5

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