Teen Book Review: Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim

Hiya everyone, it’s Sarah!

I received this ARC last summer at my librarian book buzz from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. I put off reading this book many different times. I got the the audiobook, in hopes of convincing myself to read it. Sometimes when a large fantasy book stares you down, you just aren’t ready for the ride. I can’t believe the awesome book I almost missed!


Maia is the youngest in a family of tailors. In her world, women can never become seamstresses, though she has the best skills out of her siblings. As her brothers are all taken by the military and her father becomes unable to continue working after her mother’s death, Maia uses her tailor skills to keep the family afloat. When the long war finally ends, Maia’s father is required to come to the palace as a tailor for the new empress. Everyone believes that it was he who was creating all of the fine cloths, it couldn’t possibly be his daughter. As in the story Mulan, Maia disguises herself as one of her brothers and travels to the palace. It turns out that she is competing against many other skilled tailors, in hopes of becoming the tailor for the empress. While they may have more experience than her, Maia has a magical set of scissors and her skills to fight back. If only she can keep her secret, even while a court magic user, Edan seems to see straight through her disguise. One impossible task is laid before her, can she survive and keep become a renowned tailor?


I loved this book! It was fascinating. The palace intrigue was fast-paced and interesting. It was well-balanced with the fairytale epic, which also included elements of the supernatural and magic. I loved the relationship between Maia and Edan. I can’t wait to travel more in this world in the next book!



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