TBR Thursday: The Girl in the Picture by Alexandra Monir

Hi All.  It’s Becky, again.  I have been downloading and returning the audiobook for The Girl in the Picture for months but I finally listened to it!  Here are my thoughts:

47817764._SX318_.jpgTitle:The Girl in the Picture
Author:Alexandra Monir
Note: I listened to the audiobook.

Summary: Nicole Morgan has been known as many things.  First, she was a violin prodigy than the girl with the scar and now she’s the girl in the picture.  It was Nicole’s picture in Chase Young’s pocket the night they found his body.  She’s the girl who everyone believes had no connection to the golden boy but she was the one who he loved and she’s the one who now has to prove that she wasn’t involved in his death.  Can Nicole find the person who killed Chase before she is convicted of killing the boy she loved?

Review: This book wasn’t what I expected.  I was a fan of Monir’s The Final Six for its fast-paced science fiction adventure and I thought I would give The Girl in the Picture a try and I have to admit I enjoyed The Final Six much more than this novel.  The Girl in the Picture has the potential to be a great murder mystery but I had difficulty with the way the timeline jumped around and the changing narrators.  The abrupt changes made the story feel a little muddled and I found myself confused and not sure who was talking or when their story took place.  Also, I had difficulty connecting to the characters who never felt fully developed for me.  They had the potential to be great realistic depictions but they turned into stereotypical portraits of teens at boarding school which made it impossible for me to really care about them.  Plus, the murder felt a little convoluted with the motivation obvious from early in the book but with the murderer coming out of nowhere.  I understand that the author wanted the culprit to be a surprise but the ending didn’t feel organic with the rest of the book.  I will happily keep reading Monir’s science fiction books but she is not who I will go to first for mysteries.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5

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