Becky’s 2020 Reading Resolutions

lettering-happy-new-year-2020-with-balloons_23-2148317172.jpg1. I will not make myself finish a series of books that have gone from being delightful to irritating.  I will acknowledge that I do not need to read all ten books in a series just because I read the first book in the series.

2. I will follow my own reading advice and not make myself finishing reading books that don’t grab me by page 50.

3. I am going to try to read outside of my comfort zone.  I will not limit myself to just fluffy teen romances or angsty fantasy.  I will read books that feature characters playing sports or realistic historical fiction. Also, I will make an effort to read new authors and not just rely on my old favorites.

4. I will read more diverse books.

5. I will finally finishing read all the picture books that won the Caldecott Medal or was award Caldecott Honors.



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