Rules of Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall

Hi All!  It’s Becky, again.  I recently finished the audiobook of Rules of Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall.  This book was different than I expected.  Here are my thoughts:

48383105._SX318_Title: Rules of Vanishing
Author: Kate Alice Marshall
Note: I listened to the audiobook

Summary: Sara knows that her sister, Becca, didn’t just leave town a year ago.  Sara is sure that something more sinister happened to Becca who was obsessed with the local legend of Lucy Gallows.  Becca wanted to solve the mystery around Lucy, a girl who got lost on a ghostly road many years ago and never seen again, and Sara believes Becca found a way to retrieve Lucy and then got stuck in the unknown.  Sara will get a group of her classmates to go with her down the same path her sister took even though she knows it’s possible that some of them may not make it back.

Review: One of the most common requests that I get at the library is for teen horror books, a genre that doesn’t really have that many options.  This request is especially popular among younger reluctant readers who need something quick but engaging to motivate them to read.  Kate Alice Marshall’s Rules of Vanishing is the very definition of a horror story and should be perfect for those young readers but, unfortunately, it isn’t.  Marshall blends multiple narrative techniques to create drama and give the book the feel of a “found footage” scary story.  The book uses interviews, narrative, and transcripts of found footage to grab the young reader giving the story a creepy and suspenseful feeling which works perfectly with the mixture of ghastly horror and dark local folklore that make up the story.  However, the book felt long, much longer than necessary and the pace felt slow which will deter or possibly frustrate many of those reluctant readers who would so much appreciate this book.  In the end, Rules for Vanishing is an interesting take on the horror genre that works best for readers who are looking for a book that slowly unfurls instead of a quick-paced horror fest.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5



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