Mock Mondays: What Should Win!

Hiya everyone, it’s Sarah.

I am anxiously awaiting the announcement of the ALA Youth Media Awards. I am feverishly trying to figure out how to make all of the tvs in my library building show the live broadcast of the announcement. I have invested in a helmet with antennae. Before hearing the actual winners, I wanted to stake my claim on the books I think will win the Caldecott, Newbery, and Printz Awards. If I missed something that you think should win, leave the title below in the comments.


Winner: A Stone Sat Still by Brendan Wenzel


This gorgeous book takes you through the journey of a stone, either into the future or perhaps into the past. The mirrored text is perfectly presented through the illustrations. The art adds depth to the story and enhances the work as a whole.




The Line Tender by Kate Allen


This was a gorgeous novel that was well-written with beautiful images at the beginning of each chapter. Lucy is certainly budding into a teenager and she is dealing with some pretty grown kid stuff. The author gives a detailed description of the anatomy of sea-life and dissections, which totally grossed me out, but would appeal to readers fascinated by the inner-workings of living things around us.


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Coyote Sunrise has stuck with me through the months. The narrative was strong and stayed with me throughout all of the other potentials. Characters are crafted with emotional depth and are easy to connect to. A Good Kind of Trouble is relevant for today’s readers and is crafted in a way that feels realistic and true. I feel that this book will make a strong showing in this year’s awards.



Lovely War by Julie Berry46043207

Strange, but true, Becky and I agree on the winner. Lovely War was one of the best crafted stories of the year. It pulls literary elements into plot and character development. It already feels like a classic and something that people will be discussing for years to come. I also demand that this book win the Odyssey award, which is given for excellence in audiobook production. This was the best audiobook I have listened to this year. The full cast of voices and musical interludes pushed this book to new levels.


40714769. sy475      38612739

The depth of characters and story in Dig remind me of many past winners and honors of the Printz award. This book comes through in layers and its literary merit will make it one that readers can have a hearty discussion about. I think that Pet will have a strong showing. It was well-written and unique. I go back and forth on whether it will make an appearance in Newbery or Printz, but ultimately, I think it could go either way.

I am excited to see what gets recognized this year and had a great time reading through stellar books throughout the year.



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