Teen Title: Love from A to Z by S.K. Ali

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

I read and listened to this book because I was looking for something with romance.

40148146. sy475 Title:Love from A to Z

Author: S. K. Ali


Zayneb has dealt with discrimination throughout her life from people taking issue with her hijab and even intentionally mispronouncing her name. Her history teacher has made it his life goal to spew racist crap her way. Zayneb’s friends are working to prove that he is a racist ass, before they are able to accomplish this goal, Zayneb is suspended for drawing an “offensive and threatening” cartoon about her teacher. Zayneb was supposed to visit her aunt over spring break and since she is not in school earlier than expected, she is sent to Qatar immediately. On her flight over, Zayneb’s path crosses with Adam a cute boy she briefly connects with. Adam finds more connection with Zayneb than she even realizes because the two have the same marvels and oddities journals, they are of the same religion, and her quick wit intrigue him. While the two never expect to cross paths again, it turns out that Adam’s father is friends with Zayneb’s aunt. The two begin their own friendship, which could be turned into something more. However, Zayneb struggles to get close to people, and she is not looking to date. Adam was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which killed his young mother, and he struggles with letting his family know. Will these two find their way to each other?


This was a solid romance book. It discussed important issues from islamaphobia to struggling with the diagnosis of a life changing illness. Adam was fun to be around. I really want to see his maker workshop.



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