Children’s Book Review: Scary Stories for Young Foxes by Christian McKay Heidicker

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

This book was getting Newbery buzz, which is why I originally read it. Turns out, it was an honor book this year, which means the buzz was well deserved.

39909210. sy475 Title: Scary Stories for Young Foxes

Author: Christian McKay Heidicker


A group of young brave fox kits want scarier stories than their mother typically tells. She sends them to the old fox storyteller. The dubious kits know that this storyteller is not going to scare them. When she begins telling the tale of Mia and Uly, the kits quickly learn that they may not be as fearless as they thought. Mia’s family is broken up by a strange yellow sickness, leading further and further into danger. Uly has a twisted forepaw, which his sisters constantly bully him about. He is forced away from his family and soon his path crosses with Mia’s. Will the kits of the story in the story ever find safety?


This book was well crafted and the award was well deserved. The writing was fantastic and the references to other classic works and peoples were compelling and solid. This book will not have wide appeal. It was creepy! I am still a little quavery. The kits meet very real scary challenges. Kits die throughout this novel and there is danger at every turn. While this kept me on the edge of my seat, sensitive readers and even a few others will have trouble making it through this book without crying and having nightmares. As I said in my post about the winners, you will need to know your reader before recommending it. I liked this book because I am still haunted by it.



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