This Is 18 Edited by Jessica Bennett

Hi All!  It’s Becky, again.  A colleague recommended This Is 18 edited by Jessica Bennett and I happily read it.  This book was different than I expected.  Here are my thoughts:

43908823._SX318_Title: This Is 18
Editor: Jessica Bennett

Summary: A collection of interviews with eighteen-year-old young women from around the world paired with candid photographs taken by other young women.

Review: There are things that I thought were absolutely incredible about this book.  The book’s editors reached out to girls across the world and examined what it means to turn 18 in different cultures. This Is 18 is an honest portrayal of young women’s experiences from across the globe.  The editors keep the entries honest and feature facts that highlight how some cultures are different than the United States.  This Is 18 features 18 years old that are going into the military, who are already married, and who have left school because they have had a baby.  In this way, the book is awesome and honest.  However, the format of the book felt off to me.  The photographs are wonderful and candid but the actual layouts were a little too reminiscent of an 80s social studies textbook.  The content is so teen-friendly but I have to wonder if the execution looks a little too dated to engage teen readers.  Yet, even with that issue, the This Is 18 is a quality book that will be greatly appreciated by the right teen.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5

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