Middle Grade Book Review: Stone River Crossing by Tim Tingle

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

I stumbled across this novel last year and was happily surprised by what I found.


Title: Stone River Crossing

Author: Tim Tingle


Lil Mo lives in slave owning Mississippi, and has befriend Martha Tom, a young Choctaw  girl, who lives across the river in the free Choctaw nation. When Lil Mo’s mother is threatened with being sold away, the family flees to their free neighbors. They quickly become a part of this nation and all work together to keep the family hidden. However, the tension between some of the Choctaws and the African Americans, as well as the slave hunters, creates a dangerous world for Lil Mo and his family.


This is an interesting cross-section of history, which describes the native American perspective during the pre-Civil war America. The narrative was dry at times. However, I think the subject is an important one to talk about and this novel will fit perfectly into many classrooms throughout the country.



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