TBR Thursday: Shine by J.J. Grabenstein and Chris Grabenstein

Hi Everyone!  It’s Becky.  I received an ARC of Shine by J.J. Grabenstein and Chris Grabenstein at a conference in October but I just now got around to listening to the audiobook.  Here are my thoughts:

36874208Title: Shine!
Authors: J.J. Grabenstein and Chris Grabenstein
Note: I listened to the audiobook.

Summary: Piper doesn’t think that she’s very talented.  Her mother was a musical prodigy and her father spends his spare time trying to write a Broadway show.  Piper may not have any musical ability but she is good at science and math.  When Piper’s father gets a job at the elite Chumley Prep she realizes her academic talents may help her succeed and when the school announces a new award that will honor the student that best illustrates Chumley excellence Piper knows she has to win.  But can Piper win the award and stay true to herself?

Review: I’m always happy when I find a middle-grade book that celebrates characters being true to themselves and Piper is definitely a character that has unwavering beliefs and goodness.  The Grabensteins created a book about a girl who stays true to herself and is willing to sacrifice her own wants to help her friends.  It’s just a nice message to give to tweens as is the idea of trying to understand other people and to have empathy even for people who are not your favorite people.  However, I have to wonder if middle-grade readers will find the “surprise” plot twist at the end as obvious as this adult reader did.  Yet, even with the ending that was a little too obvious, this is a book that will teach valuable life lessons while entertaining the reader and it is a book that I highly recommend for those middle school readers.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5

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