Teen Book Review: Twice Dead by Caitlin Seal

Hey everyone,

I have been super behind on reading this eARC I got through Edelweiss. I finally finished it and I wanted to share my thoughts.

37789954Title: Twice Dead (The Necromancer’s Song)

Author: Caitlin Seal

Book Summary:

Naya is the daughter of a merchant, who after coming into town on the latest ship, she finds herself a reanimated corpse. In her culture, it is taboo to become a wraith. She teams up with the only ones who know she is a wraith to find out the mystery surrounding her death, while her father unknowingly leaves to his next job. Naya is having difficulty accepting her new “life”, but with the help of another wraith, she will be a key piece to political intrigues.

Book Review:

Once I started reading this novel, it did move quickly. The fantasy elements were unique and developed enough that I was invested in them. I wasn’t as drawn to the characters, though it is possible that as the series progresses, I will care more for them.



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