Getting School and Getting Played by Emma Chase

Hi All!  I have been enjoying listening to a plethora of romance audiobooks through my free trial of Audible Escape.  I was excited to find that both books in Emma Chase’s Getting Some series were available.  I am a big fan of Chase’s Royally series so I was quick to download the new books.

40012666._SX318_Title: Getting Schooled
Author: Emma Chase
Note: I listened to the audiobook

Summary: Garrett Daniels and Callie Carpenter were in love all through high school however when they ended up at colleges on either side of the country they drifted apart. Now, more than a decade later Callie has returned to their hometown to help her parents and she is now teaching at the same school Garrett is the football coach.  Can these former lovers rekindle their romance?

Review: I love a good lost love reunite story and Getting Schooled is definitely one of those.   Garrett and Callie’s story show how some loves never actually die and how your first love maybe your true love.  The story is filled with the same humor and romance that fans of Chase have grown to expect but the book also shows a very mature and grown-up look at love.  Garrett and Callie make the decision to try to be together and they make mature decisions and work on their relationship.  It was those moments that illustrate what real love looks like which makes this book a must-read for romance fans.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5

Title: Getting Played (Getting Some Book 2)45176991._SX318_
Author: Emma Chase
Note: I listened to the audiobook.

Summary: Dean Walker has no interest in being in a committed relationship.  He spends the summer touring with his band and the rest of the year he is a math teacher.  However, Dean’s feelings start to change when he meets Lainey.  They spend an incredible night together and then she disappears.  Dean doesn’t expect to ever see her again and is shocked when she shows up on Parents’ Night.  Lainey is the mother of one of Dean’s most promising new students.  She is also pregnant with his baby.  Can Dean find a way to win over the woman who may have won his heart?

Review: This book was just fun.  Dean was a perfect romantic lead with his rock band and sarcasm.  Lainey is not your average heroine but instead a strong single mother who also happens to be a lifestyle blogger who is ready to take on the world.  Together the two are sizzling but apart they read like real grown-ups trying to find their place in the world.  However, the best part of this book is the humor.  Chase wrote a love story filled with hot moments and all sorts of family drama that will also make you laugh out loud.  The book was funny and romantic and just a delight to read.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5

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