Teen Book Review: The Voice in My Head by Dana L Davis

Hello everyone, it’s Sarah!

I received this as an eARC through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

38208753. sy475 Title: The Voice in My Head

Author: Dana L. Davis

Book Summary:

Indigo Phillip’s twin sister has a terminal illness and has decided to end her life with medically assisted suicide. Indigo doesn’t know what her life is without her other half and decides that she will commit suicide first, by leaping from a building. However, as she is leaning from the building, she begins to have doubts and hears what proclaims itself as the voice of God. He claims that Indigo’s sister can be saved, if her family takes a road-trip and hikes through the desert to the waves. With the help of a goofy, yet well-meaning mega church pastor, Indigo’s family is able to use a para-transit van and all-terrain wheelchair to take this pilgrimage. Like many road-trips, this one takes many zany twists and turns.

Book Review:

I love road trip books and this one was awesome. The dynamics between Indigo and her family were well-balanced and layered. The push and pull between Indigo feeling like the black sheep of the family and her mother giving all that she knows how. Indigo learns the role that her bossy older sister Michelle fulfills within her family. Her relationship with her twin sister changes and grows. This book was a great insight into family, the roles everyone plays, and how they deal with challenges. I thought the voice of God was hilarious and would have loved to have more of it. I would actually even enjoy another book in this same world.



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