Mock Mondays: Printz Award

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

Here is my selection for this month. I have been going back an forth on whether or not to include it on our list, because it feels more like a popular pick and less like a literary choice. However, I think it offers important commentary on the society teen readers live in.

43615530Title: Yes No Maybe So

Author: Beckky Albertalli & Aisha Saeed

Book Summary:

Jaime is terrible at public speaking, in like every context. However, he is very politically minded and comes from a politically minded family. He is helping at a campaign for a local state senate contender and everything is going great, until the campaign needs him to go door-to-door to talk up the candidate. Jaime gets paired with Maya, a girl he used to be friends with and still kinda likes.

Maya is having a challenging Ramadan, her parents have split and her mother has tasked her with taking part in a local campaign to earn the privilege of getting a car. When working on the campaign, she is paired with dorky Jaime, who just doesn’t seem to get it. The two continue to work together and begin to develop feelings for each other. Will this budding friendship and campaign be a success?


Printz Considerations:

This novel provided a layered plot that discusses the politics of the time, but will also appeal to future generations. It discuss the inner conflict and societal discrimination against a variety of religions. Maya was a well-rounded and developed character.


What are you reading this month that has strong Printz possibilities?

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