TBR Thursday: Last of Her Name by Jessica Khoury

Hiya everyone, it’s Sarah!

I have been cleaning up my Edelweiss shelves, in hopes that I will never get this backlogged again. This eARC has been waiting for my honest review for over a year now….I AM SO SORRY!!! Anyway, here are my thoughts.

36230905. sy475 Title:Last of Her Name

Author: Jessica Khoury

Book Summary:

Buckle up for a sci-fi retelling (esque) of Anastasia. Stacia lives in a remote world where she spends her time hanging with her friends Pol and Clio. When their remote planet is invaded by the rulers of the universe, Stacia learns that she is actually the missing princess Anya, the last in the line of the previous rulers. Now the man who assassinated her family is determined to catch her. Stacia and Pol are able to escape for the Rebel hideout. While Stacia makes friends there, she has a bad feeling about the rebels and takes off with Pol to destinations undetermined. Stacia has access to an important power and she will need both old and new friends to help her determine who to trust.

Book Review:

This was a high fantasy book that I wasn’t expecting. I typically don’t get into high fantasy, and this was a struggle for me. I believe if you enjoy those type of novels you will like what you find here. I thought the Clio storyline was interesting and I found myself most intrigued by one race of people that had the ability to control gravity.



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