What’s Your Sign? Taurus Books

Hiya everyone, it’s Sarah!

We are working our way into a new sun sign, Taurus. This star sign includes anyone born between April 20th and May 20th. Taurians are a sign of the earth and are closely tied to that element. They are reliable, yet stubborn…basically, they are showing off key features of their ox manifestation. These people are patient, responsible, and responsible, basically, I am thinking they would make good teachers or babysitters. Yet you will really find them gardening, working with their hands, cooking. Here are a few books that will speak to your star sign Taurians.

Tweet Cute: A Novel by Emma Lord


Pepper and Jack work in different family-owned NYC restaurants. Pepper’s family owns a burger joint that has taken over the world, while Jack’s is a local family restaurant. When a Twitter war kicks off between the two restaurants, Pepper and Jack are leading the social media charge. The two begin interacting in real world and romantic sparks start flying.

These teen chefs are the backbone of their families. In fact, their families take advantage of their reliability. These fiercely loyal characters embody the Taurus Sign.

An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson

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Isobel trades paintings to fairies for their spell craft. Fairies are unable to create anything on their own, they can only rework what is in the natural world. Isobel must stay one step ahead of her clients, or they may just lead to her death. When the Autumn fairy prince, Rook, commissions her for a portrait, the two are drawn to each other. It is forbidden for fairies and humans to fall in love and the romantic entanglement between the two has caused heads to turn. Now Rook, must help Isobel stay safe from the other fairies.

Isobel is tied closely to the earth and she needs to stay level headed if she wants to survive. Even though she wants to lead a simple life, the entanglement with the fairies throws her life into a tizzy.

The Fountains of Silence by Ruta Sepetys

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1950s Spain was not a safe place for many, while dictator Francisco Franco and his cronies ruled the country with violent fists.Daniel, an American, visits Spain and is presented with a lavish lifestyle, but he knows that there is something darker going on in this country. With the help of hotel worker, Ana, Daniel is determined to find the truth.

Daniel, like any Taurus, is determined to find the truth and will stubbornly not let it go…even when everyone around him tells him to leave it, because it may lead to his death.

Girls of July by Alex Flinn


Four girls will share stories, when they all spend a few weeks together in a remote cabin. They are stubborn and secretive at the start. As they get to know each other, they become fiercely loyal and a support system for each other.

With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo


Emoni is a talented chef, who is finally given the opportunity to show off her skills and learn new things in a Spanish cuisine cooking class. It is going to be difficult balancing her other school work, her job, and taking care of her two year old daughter, Emma. Emoni is young and this is her senior year, she is going to need to learn how to balance what is best for her child and herself.

Emoni has taken on the responsibilities of a mother in a mature way and she is protective of her daughter and her daughter’s future. She is an inspired chef, as one would expect of a Taurus. This beautiful book will be perfect for any Taurus reader.

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