TBR Thursday: Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee

Hello everyone, it’s Sarah!

This is a new author publishing out of Rick Riordan’s brand and it is completely on brand. I love how this brand is creating great, diverse, readalikes for the Percy Jackson books.

34966859Title: Dragon Pearl

Author: Yoon Ha Lee

Book Summary:

Min lives in a dusty planet that needs help to continue to sustain the people on her planet.Her family lives a quiet life because they must blend in. There are several races of magical beings, and Min’s family is one of fox spirits. While she has some super cool transformation powers, fox spirits are disliked and considered untrustworthy. It is hard to follow all of the family’s rules and Min spends much of her life in trouble.

Min’s perfect older brother has plans to join the Space Forces and ultimately bring helpful resources to their planet. Months after he has left for training, Space Force Officials inform the family that Jun has gone AWOL and they believe he is going after the forbidden dragon pearl. Min knows that her brother wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize his place in the force, so she decides to go find her brother. Min hitchhikes throughout the galaxy to find her brother.

Book Review:

This is a perfect pairing of adventure and mystery. This book is slow in the beginning, but if readers allow their minds to get into the right headspace, they will have a great time. This novel brings in layers of gender identity and Korean folklore. I liked Min and would love to see this as a series.



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