What’s Your Sign: Books For Geminis

Happy almost Memorial Day Everyone!   We have just a few more days until the end of May which will hopefully bring long weekends, nice weather, and the birthdays of all those people born under the Gemini astrological sign.  For those of you not up on your astrological signs these are the people born May 21-June 20.  Geminis are known as the Twin sign and they are impulsive, witty, imaginative, and loyal however they can also be superficial, indecisive and are known to avoid conflict.  For this very complex group of people, I had to compile an equally complex list of books.

Slayer (1) by Kiersten White
Athena “Nina” and her twin sister Artemis are the daughters of two Watchers. They have spent most of their lives living with Watchers or at the Watcher’s Council headquarters however since Buffy destroyed the Seed of Wonder and the Watcher Council was attacked they don’t really have anything to watch. But when a hellhound attacks Nina’s latent powers appear making her the last slayer. Nina’s life gets even more complicated when the adorable Watcher in training, Leo, appears and is assigned to train her.

This book is perfect for any Gemini.  Nina and Artemis are the perfect illustrations of twins.  They are incredibly close and have a strong bond.  Also, Nina always tried to avoid conflict until she is backed into a corner and then she comes out fighting which is a Gemini trait..

The Speed of Falling Objects by Nancy Richardson Fischer
Danny Warren has lived her life afraid everything since she lost an eye as a child. Danny avoids doing anything that might put her in danger but everything is about to change. Danny’s father is Cougar Warren, the star of a survival reality TV show, and he wants Danny to star in the next episode of his show. Danny agrees to spend a week with her father in the Amazon where they will be joined by Hollywood’s hottest young movie star, Gus Price. However, everyone’s plans change when their plane crashes in the middle go the rainforest. Now, Danny must learn to trust herself to try to survive.

Danny perfectly represents the Gemini trait of being loyal.  She is loyal to her father even when he didn’t deserve it.  Plus, all of the book’s actions are a result of a plane crash which seems fitting for an air sign.

Tweet Cute: A Novel by Emma Lord
Pepper wants to be perfect. She does whatever it takes to be the best. She is the star of the swim team and a straight-A student. Her family owns the soon-to-be international Big League Burgers company and she takes her role in the business very seriously. Jack is the class clown and is trying to figure out his place in the world. He is not perfect like his twin brother but he knows there is more waiting for him than his family’s deli. In-person, Pepper and Jack are school acquaintances who border on frenemies but on Twitter, they are the people behind their families’ social media accounts who have just started a war of words. There’s just one problem as they interact in real life the begin to develop feelings for each other that will complicate every aspect of their relationship.

Tweet Cute is another great book featuring twins but this time Jack and Ethan are very different which is like the two different sides of a Gemini’s personality.  Also, while Pepper and Jack are all about conflict online they avoid it in person just like Geminis are known to avoid conflict.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue (Montague Siblings) by Mackenzie Lee
Henry “Monty” Montague is on his last adventure before settling into his life as the lord of the manor. Monty along with his best friend and possible love interest, Percy, and his sister will cross the continent and encounter many dangers and adventures.

One of the biggest traits of Geminis is how witty they are and Lee’s awesome novel is one of the wittiest YA books of the last decade.


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