TBR Thursday: Ghosted by Leslie Margolis

Hi All!  It’s Becky.  I received an ARC of Ghosted by Leslie Margolis at Book Expo of America a few years ago but never had a chance to read it.  I finally got a chance to read it and here are my thoughts:

36949996._SX318_Title: Ghosted
Author: Leslie Margolis
Summary: Ellie Charles is the most popular girl at her middle school.  Ellie rules over her classmates with an iron fist of cruelty.  However, Ellie will have to face her own demons when, after an accident, she is sent back in time to revisit moments in her life that turned her from nice to naughty.  Can Ellie learn from her mistakes and be a better person?

Review: This is one of those books that will probably only be truly enjoyed by its intended audience.  As an adult reading Ghosted I felt like it was a little heavy-handed and simplified the path Ellie took from being a normal sweet little girl to being a cruel mean spirited bully.  However, a tween reader may enjoy the drama of Ellie’s life and the way she treats people.  Also, a younger reader may find the lesson subtle and not a little too blunt as I did.  Basically, Ghosted is a perfectly fine modern adaptation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol for young teen readers but anyone older may not appreciate the main character or her journey to goodness.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5

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