Mock Mondays: Caldecott

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

Here is my choice for this month’s Mock Monday! If you are unfamiliar with the award it is given by the American Library Association to the illustrator that gave the most distinguished contribution to children’s literature.

45691661. sx318 Title: Nesting
Author and Illustrator: Henry Cole

Summary: Robins bring in the first signs of spring and hope for warmer weather ahead. These hearty birds must work tirelessly to build a home for their eggs and keep their young safe. While it may be easy to see these birds around yards and in neighborhoods, their quiet tenacity is one that we should recognize more.

Caldecott Considerations: I loved the coloring of this book. Actually, I typically love when illustrators create books that primarily use black and white, but then focus on key features with color. In this book, the color blue is important and drawers the reader’s eyes to the blue eggs and the gorgeous blue sky. This work feels like a natural birding book, it truly provides details for the environment that robins exist within. I think this will appeal to older readers. The realistic illustrations will make it a solid book to use for learning about robins and their habitats.

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