TBR Thursday: Words On Fire by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Hi Everyone!  It’s Becky, again.  I received an ARC of Words On Fire by Jennifer A. Nielsen at a work conference in September but I never got to read it.  I finally got a chance to listen to the audiobook.  Here are my thoughts:

43319615Title: Words on Fire
Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen
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Note: I listened to the audiobook.

Summary: In 1893, Audra lives a quiet life with her parents in Lithuania but when her parents get arrested by the Russian Cossack Audra learns the truth about her parents.  Audra’s parents are part of the Lithuanian resistance who work to protect the Lithuanian language by collecting and distributing books.  Audra will risk her life to continue her parent’s mission.

Review: This book is hard for me to write a review about.  I love that Nielsen has started to write historical fiction especially historical fiction that highlights parts of history that illustrate how children and teens can make a difference.  I also love these novels that encourage middle-grade readers to learn more about history.  However, I never really loved this book. Audra was a little one dimensional for me, she lacked emotions and never really made connections.  Plus, the lesson of the book was a little simple, it was straightforward and glossed over what Audra would have experienced, and while it makes it more child friendly it also makes the book feel incomplete.  The book is perfectly fine for what it is and I’m sure many readers will enjoy it but, for me, it lacks in-depth storytelling and complex characters I enjoy.

Final Rating: 2.5 out of 5


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