New Graphic Novel: The Weirn Books by Svetlana Chmkova

Hey everyone!

As many of you know, we are big fans of Svetlana Chmkova. In fact, she is one of the few dream authors/illustrators left on Sarah’s list that she wants to see speak. Chmkova has the talent to adeptly appeal to readers of all ages, from her Berrybrook Middle School Series to her Dramacon series ( Sarah wants to just live in these books). While neither of us has had the chance to read the Nightschool books, they have been on our TBRs for quite some time.

When we were contacted by her publisher, regarding a new middle school series set in the Nightschool world, we couldn’t contain our excitement. We received this as an ARC from the publisher.

The Weirn Books Vol. 1: Be Wary of the Silent Woods by Svetlana Chmkova

Ailis is a young weirn, or a magical being with a supernatural familiar that assists with magic. Like any typical student, she has to go to school, but her takes place in a super awesome building that appears at night. Ailis walks with her cousins to school everyday. They are also late, everyday, so they must take a short cut through the haunted/dangerous Silent Woods. The urban legend surrounding the abandoned building keeps them from staying too long in the woods. When they encounter a strange being in the woods and a classmate starts acting strangely, Ailis and her cousins are going to need to get to the bottom of this mystery.

We had laugh-out-loud fun with this novel and can’t wait for more. Chmkova creates great characters who you just want to become best friends with. These novels will appeal more to readers of the fantasy/Amulet fans, but creates a great bridge from the realistic fiction world into fantasy. The art is amazing, it is a perfect pairing of English and Japanese graphic novel style. Sarah still can’t get over the cute little emoji faces in the text boxes. We can’t wait to get this book on display and encourage our readers to check it out. For a more detailed review, please check out of video review on Youtube.

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