TBR Thursday: Just Breathe by Cammie McGovern

Hi Everyone!  It’s Becky, again.  I’ve had the book Just Breathe by Cammie McGovern on my TBR list for months and I finally got to listen to the audiobook.  Here are my thoughts:

50769063._SX318_SY475_Title: Just Breathe
Author: Cammie McGove
Note: I listened to the audiobook.

Summary: David Scheinman  is the star of the senior class.  He is popular, he is the president of his class, and he has the perfect girlfriend.  David is also sick, he has cystic fibrosis and he is spending more time in the hospital then school.  Jamie Turner is a quiet sophomore who has lost the few friends she once had.  Jamie has a rocky history which includes mental illness and she is just trying to get through the day.  David and Jamie are thrown together when they met at the hospital where David is seeking treatment and Jamie is a volunteer.  The two form a connection but the more time they spend together the deeper their feelings grow which may result in them of them getting hurt.

Review: I enjoyed this book, I really did, but I didn’t love it and I have been trying to figure out why. McGovern wrote a novel dealing with illness and depression which are two topic that usually hook me. The book also deals with dealing with death and understanding your own mortality. Plus, the novel deals with falling in love where least expected. All of that is the problem. This book covers A LOT. The portrayal of David and his experiences with cystic fibrosis was well done and was the perfect backdrop for the story of a teen boy trying to decide where he wanted his life to take him. Jamie’s struggle with depression and dealing with the loss of her father was well written and realistic. The connection David and Jamie develop was wonderfully crafted. Those three elements make a complete and well written book. However, those elements are only the first part of the book. McGovern includes two additional parts of the book that while adding to story made the book feel just like a little too much for me. David and Jamie’s story moved from drama to melodrama and the realistic story began to lose its authenticity. There comes a point when all the drama meets a tipping point and, for me, McGovern found that point and pushed the entire plot into overwrought from believable. I am sure there are fans of drama that will greatly enjoy this book and people like me who will kind of like this book for it’s almost met potential but there are many readers for which this book will miss the mark.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5

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