It Sounded Better In My Head by Nina Kenwood

Hi All!  It’s Becky, again.  I have a bad habit of randomly requesting eaudio books through the library without reading the description.  I have ended up with many books on my phone that I have no idea what they are about and It Sounded Better In My Head was one of those books.  I wasn’t sure what to expect about this book but I was happily surprised.

41433282Title: It Sounded Better In My Head
Author: Nina Kenwood
Note: I listened to the audiobook.

Summary: Natalie always thought her parents were happy then on Christmas morning they drop the bomb that they are getting a divorce.  Natalie’s world is thrown into a tailspin.  She had already been wheeling because her best friends, Lucy and Zack had recently announced that they were together.  Natalie is trying to find her place in the world and during her searching she finds herself drawn to Alex, Zack’s older brother.  Natalie and Alex are polar opposites but when they are together her life is a little better.  Can Natalie overcome her insecurities to maybe find happiness?

Review: When I finished this book I wasn’t sure what I thought about it or what I would rate it however as time passed I realized that my thoughts kept drifting back to this novel.  I think the thing that keeps bring me back to It Sounded Better In My Head and the real strength of this book is Natalie.  She falls into many popular YA tropes but for some reason, she just seemed much more realistic than average YA female lead.  Kenwood wrote a character with one of the most honest and realistic body image issues that I have ever read.  It was easy to connect with Natalie because of her narration which felt like a story your friend would tell you.  However, Kenwood added several other layers that make this book even more worth reading.  The relationship between Natalie and Alex was slowly evolving and awkward and just kind of fun to read.  Plus, the relationship between Lucy and Zack added a little bit of drama that made the story even more engrossing.  That Sounded Better In My Head was a quick and slightly fluffy YA romance with surprisingly deep layers.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5

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