Reading With a Side of…

Hi All!  It’s Becky.  One of my favorite summer pastimes is going to Minor League Baseball games.  Unfortunately, Minor League Baseball is one of the many things that has been indefinitely postponed because of Covid.  To hold you over until MiLB returns here is a list of some great snacks that will remind you of the ballpark and some of my favorite baseball books.

Ballpark Recipes


Ultimate Stadium Nachos from Melaine Makes

30 Minute Soft Pretzels from Sally’s Baking Addiction

Ballpark Popcorn Crunch from


“DSC08188” by RosieTulips is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Baseball Books

Out of Left Field by Kris Hui Lee
Marnie loves baseball. She loves spending her free time playing in the sandlot with her best friends especially the school’s star pitcher, Cody Kinski. She used to be the star of the high school’s girls’ softball team but after a devastating loss freshman year, Marnie turned her back on being part of school-sponsored sports teams. However, everything is about to change for Marnie. Cody gets injured right before playoffs that leave him benched and Marnie must find a way to come to terms with her complicated relationship with the sport so she can take Cody’s position and help lead the team to State. However, Marnie has to also decide what other risks she is willing to take and if she’s willing to tell Cody how she really feels about him even if it may endanger their friendship.

Stealing Home by Becky Wallace
Ryan Russell is the seventeen-year-old daughter of a retired baseball player and current owner of the Minor League Baseball team The Buckley Beavers. Ryan dreams of someday taking over the family business and running her beloved team. She knows that for a girl to make it in a man’s world she must be perfectly professional at all times. Ryan is dedicated and is not going to be distracted by anything or anyone. However, all of her resolve begins to crumble with teen baseball superstar, Sawyer Campbell, joins The Beavers. Ryan must decide what she is willing to give up and who she can’t live without before she loses everything.

Whatever Life Throws at You by Julie Cross
Annie Lucas’s whole life changes when her dad get a new job as pitching coach of Kansas City Royals.  Annie just wants to get through her last year of high school and get back to her life but when she meets Jason Brody the nineteen-year-old pitching recruit.  Annie is drawn to Jason but her father has a no dating the players rule and Annie has to decide what she’s willing to give up to keep her father happy.  

What is your favorite baseball book?  Add your pick to the comments.






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