TBR Thursdays: The Confusion of Laurel Graham by Adrienne Kisner

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

This ARC has been sitting on my shelf and other shelves for months before I finally got myself to sit still and read it. I received this as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

40849937. sy475 Title: The Confusion of Laurel Graham

Author: Adrienne Kisner

Book Summary:

Laurel and her grandmother are avid bird watchers. Using a camera, Laurel captures her daily birding finds. She hopes to get a shot that will earn her the prize of junior nature photographer. For her junior year, she has been able to forgo classes in exchange for working at the local nature preserve. There she gives young and old people tours of the grounds and explains the flora and fauna. Laurel is not the only teen wandering this preserve, there is also another teen birder who is trying to win the same prize. Laurel is convinced that the other photographer messed with her setup last year and cost her the prize. Even though she is extremely mad at the other girl, she finds that she also really likes her hair…and some other things about her. Laurel and her gran hear a unique new bird and while her gran is out searching for this bird she gets into an accident and falls into a coma. Laurel doesn’t know if she will ever get her gran back and to make matters worse, the town is attempting to develop the nature preserve into a school. Laurel and her birding friends (and the cute girl) are determined not to let that happen. Laurel is desperate to save the things she loves most in her life.

Book Review:

I thought the birding layer of this book was interesting and unique. I liked the strong connection between Laurel and her gran, I actually wish we could have spent more time with gran. The romance was a slow burn, as many other reviewers point out. There were many times when I didn’t know if the two were really into each other at all. This book read slowly for me, though I can see a nature-minded section of readers could be interested in this.



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