Teen Book Review: The June Boys by Court Stevens

Hiya everyone, it’s Sarah!

I could not wait to read this book. Faking Normal, one of the other books by this author was probably my favorite of the year it came out. While I had high expectations for this book, I wasn’t disappointed.

52357797. sx318 sy475 Title: The June Boys

Author: Court Stevens

Book Summary:

Every June three boys are kidnapped by the Gemini Thief and returned the next year. While everyone is desperate to capture this serial kidnapper, this person could truly be anyone, which Thea knows all too well. Last June her cousin, who is more like a brother, Aulus, was taken. She is desperate to solve the case and save him. Thea has joined forces with college student, Nick, a friend of Aulus’s. The two begin considering Thea’s father and other family members as potential suspects for the kidnapping, after one of the June boys shows up dead with a unique key chain in his mouth. Thea’s father has been obsessed with building a castle and gave her and her cousin a two-of-a-kind castle key chain with the two cousins having the only copies. Thea is not the only one suspicious, her father is taken in by investigators. The police, Thea and her friends are desperate to get her cousin back. As investigators close in the Gemini Thief becomes more and more desperate.

Book Review:

I love this author’s writing style! The way she puts words together is just magical. Her stories are interesting and layered. I especially enjoyed her conversation with Ruta Sepetys where she discusses the layer of obsession into danger. The characters were strong and likeable. I was guessing at the killer throughout the novel, when I thought I figured it out…I didn’t.I can’t wait to read my next Stevens book.


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