Middle Grade Book Review: Right as Rain by Lindsey Stoddard

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

I received this as an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

40221464Title: Right as Rain

Author: Lindsey Stoddard

Book Summary:

After Rain’s brother dies, her parents seem to be fighting more. Rain is especially worried about them finding out her secret, she is the reason why her brother died. When her mother suggests moving from their family home in the suburbs to NYC, Rain is not happy. She won’t know anyone in her new home, but it might give her a chance to move forward. The move seems to almost make things worse for her family and Rain finds that she needs to get out more and more. Rain is a talented runner and has joined the track team, where she begins to make friends. As part of her school requirements, Rain must complete service hours. She begins helping out at the local soup kitchen, until her new friends tell her about an after school program where they can hang out, do their homework, and get service hours. Rain begins making friends throughout the community and as the after school program loses funding, Rain and her friends come up with ideas to save it.

Book Review:

This book was emotional and sweet. Rain and her family are going through a tough time and the many changes make it even more difficult. Rain is able to find a way to be perfectly herself, while also opening up to the new community  around her. I loved the concept of gardening in an urban environment. While I was unsure about the friendship Rain develops with someone she met at the soup kitchen, that character did add a bit of heart to the story.



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