TBR Thursday: Heartstopper by Alice Osman

Hi Everyone!  It’s Becky.  I have had Alice Osman’s graphic novel Heartstopper on my TBR shelf for over a year and I finally got to read this charming love story.  Here are my thoughts:

50160417Title: Heartstopper
Author: Alice Oseman

Summary: Charlie Spring is the only openly gay student at his all-male school even though he has been having a secret relationship with a classmate, Ben.  Ben turns out to not be who Charlie thought he was and Charlie severs ties with him.  Charlie’s life begins to change when he befriends popular rugby star, Nick.

Nick Nelson quickly grows attached to Charlie and the two become close friends.  However, the more time they spend together their feelings grow.  Can Charlie and Nick’s friendship become more?

Review: I really enjoyed this graphic novel.  I thought it was the start of a genuinely sweet love story.  However, I got to admit that I was a little surprised when, after I read the author’s note, that I realized this book is a prequel of sorts to the novel Solitaire.  I read Solitaire many years ago and it didn’t leave any kind of lasting impression.  In contrast, Heartstopper was an adorable romance that totally hooked me from the very first page.  Charlie and Nick’s slowly developing relationship was charming and perfectly scripted. Osman’s simple narrative also broaches complex issues such as understanding your sexuality and being able to embrace your true self in a way that will appeal to readers of all ages.  Plus, Osman’s illustrations while at first appear very simple actually feature characters that are quite expressive.  The story is simple as is falling in love and left me eager to read the next book in the series.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5

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