Mock Mondays: Printz Award

Hello all, it’s Sarah!

Here is my selection for this month. I am super excited about it and the audiobook was awesome!  For anyone not familiar with the Printz Award it is an award given by the American Library Association for the best example of teen literature from the previous year.  You can find more information here. Also, I felt passionate enough about this book that I wanted to make sure it was considered for the discussion. I have submitted a suggestion for this title to the selection committee, which is something you can do with your own favorite titles. Visit here to make your own suggestions. Here is my selection:

41939990. sy475 Title: We Are Not From Here

Author: Jenny Torres Sanchez


Pulga, Chico, and Pequeña, though not related, grew up as siblings in Guatemala. Their town is impoverished and can be extremely dangerous, so they lean on each other to stay alive. The three had dreams for their futures, but when a series of tragic events occurs, they are forced to head to America for better opportunities and safety. The local gang leader has decided to create a family with Pequeña and she has not choice but to accept this fate. Pulga and Chico are witnesses to a murder and they must flee before the perpetrators exact revenge. Staying in Guatemala dangerous but the trip to America might be worse. The three must survive border patrols, thieves, and hoping rides on speeding trains through the dark. Will they all find the futures they are hoping for?

Printz Considerations:

This story is told through multiple perspectives, in  a way that keeps all characters distinct. The author was able to develop characters not only through voice, but also through their hopes, dreams and actions. I feel like I know these characters. The book reaches out to the struggles that the general American public knows little about. While there are several novels discussing the dangers of crossing from Mexico to America, the strenuous journey from Guatemala is one that needs to be further brought into the light. The writing in this novel was stellar. The actual way words were put together felt like literature. This book is easily quotable and should find its way into the classrooms.


Is there anything you have read so far that you passionate enough about to suggest it to the committee?


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