Teen Book Review: The Weight of Stars by K Ancrum

Howdy everyone, it’s Sarah!

I found this gem mixed in with ARCs from BEAs of yesteryear. The Great Pause has allowed me to catch up on a few.

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36952571Title: The Weight of The Stars

Author: K Ancrum


Ryann is fiercely loyal to the people in her self-selected family. Ever since a tragic event occurred, her older brother hasn’t spoken. Their family of two quickly became a threesome when one day Ryann’s brother unexpectedly showed up with a baby. Now Ryann does everything she can to help her family survive. While she dreams of space travel, she knows that it is an impossibility with her responsibilities on Earth. Ryann is quickly intrigued by a new girl who shows up at school. This girl, Alexandria, is famous for being the baby that was left behind by her mother, who is living the rest of her life traveling through space. Alexandria is prickly in the best of circumstances, but Ryann was approached by the school to help Alexandria acclimate to the new setting. As Ryann uses her strange tactics, she causes Alexandria to break an arm. Every night Alexandria goes out to her roof to seek potential radio messages from her mother. Ryann takes on this task, while Alexandria recovers. The two quickly become closer and closer.


This was a quiet book and its greatness sneaked up on me. I really liked Ryann, though Alexandria was less appealing. The premise of space travel and family was interesting and fresh. This book actually reminded me of The Stars and the Blackness Between Them. The cover was gorgeous. I would be willing to spend more time in this world and in other books by this author.


Image 5-15-20 at 9.53 PMImage 5-15-20 at 9.53 PMImage 5-15-20 at 9.53 PMImage 5-15-20 at 9.53 PM

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