Reading with a Side Of…

Hi All! It’s Becky, again. We are rapidly approaching the start of autumn which always makes me think about curling up with a book and a warm beverage with an apple recipes. Here are some fun apply dessert for you to try.

Old Fashion Easy Apple Crisps from The Chunky Chef

Apple Dumplings from

Autumn Apple Torte from Taste of Home

The perfect autumn book is a great school based mystery and here are a few for your considerations!

The Last Best Story by Maggie Lehrman

Rose and Grant were the superstars of their high school’s paper, The Gazette. Rose was the award winning reporter and Grant was the editor-in-cheif. The two had a great working relationship that was almost something more then two months ago Rose quit The Gazette walking away from the paper and Grant. Now, it’s prom night and Grant is trying to draw Rose back to the paper with one final story about what really caused the school to go on lockdown. Can Grant get Rose to come back to the paper and maybe to him?

The Deceivers by Kristen Simmons

Brynn Hilder’s life isn’t going the way she wants. Brynn has been working small cons for the last two years to try to save up enough money to start over, but when her mother’s drug dealer boyfriend steals her money, Brynn has nothing left until she is recruited into Vale Hall, a private boarding school that turns teens into con artist. Brynn will work with her classmates to uncover the secrets of Chicago most prominent people and punish those who have done wrong. However, not everything at Vale Hall is how it seems and when Brynn is assigned to get close to a senator’s troubled son Brynn must decide who she is willing to betray to get ahead.

A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro

Jamie Watson and Charlotte Holmes don’t know each other but they have the connection. They are the descendants of the famous detective duo Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Charlotte’s family has always embraced their legacy however, Jamie’s mother has tries to separate their family from their famous ancestor but when Jamie accepts a scholarship to a prestigious boarding school in Connecticut the two’s paths quickly cross. Jamie and Charlotte form an awkward acquaintanceship never actually becoming friends until the murders start…murders designed to mimic Jamie’s grandfather’s books and to frame Jamie and Charlotte for murder.

What’s your favorite YA mystery? Add your pick to the comments section!

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