Mock Mondays: Newbery Award

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah! Here is my Newbery mock pick for the month. In case you need a refresh of the award, it is an award given out annually by the American Library Association for the most distinguished contribution for children’s literature. Book considered for this award must be aimed at an audience from birth to 14 years of age

Title: Mañanaland

Author: Pam Muñoz Ryan



Max’s mother left when he was a baby. His father has never gotten over it and refuses to talk about it. As Max gets older, he wants to learn more about his mom and asks more questions. The mystery becomes an extreme issue when Max needs his birth certificate to play soccer. His father is having trouble getting the birth certficate, so he leaves to get a copy from another city. While Max’s father is gone, a stranger comes to the house with a refugee. Max’s family is part of a secret network of people who help refugees flee their oppressive country for Manañaland, a place of freedom and opportunity. Tired of being sheltered by his father, Max offers to help the young refugee to freedom. Max may have taken on more responsibility than he has an right to, but this journey may just show what he is made of.


This novel is poetic and write with high caliber language. It broaches difficult social issues in our world with a fictional setting. It will allow readers to have tough conversations set within a fictional backdrop.

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