Middle Grade Book Review: Roll With It by Jamie Sumner

Hiya everyone, it’s Sarah!

I listened to this audiobook in one day because I couldn’t put it down.

Title: Roll With It

Author: Jamie Sumner


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Ellie and her mother are going to her grandparents’ house for Christmas, and little do her grandparents know, but they will be staying longer. Ellie’s grandfather is suffering from dementia and he has been getting worse. Most recently, he became confused and drove her grandmother’s car through the local grocery store. Ellie and her mom plan to help out, even though Ellie is extremely nervous about starting in a new school. Ellie was born with cerebral palsy and has difficulty walking. She hates being treated differently because she is in a wheel chair and she worries that this will happen in her new school. While the new school is not as equipped in some ways to handle Ellie’s chair, it is more equipped in other ways. Ellie quickly befriends some neighbors and they quickly become a family. Even though this move is unexpected it is possibly the best thing for everyone involved.


This book was fun and funny. Ellie was a great kid, whose bluntness made her funny. I loved how she showed her love through food and thought the culinary aspects of this book were a great addition.


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