The Importance of Getting Revenge by Amanda Abram

Hi Everyone! It’s Becky, again. I was looking for something fun to listen to on Overdrive the other day and I stumbled across The Importance of Getting Revenge by Amanda Abram. I’m a sucker for a fake date book so I decided to give it a try.

Title: The Importance of Getting Revenge
Author: Amanda Abram
Note: I listened to the audiobook.

Summary: Lexi Turner thought she was in love with her longterm boyfriend, Jeffery, and her world was shattered when he breaks up with her for a new girl in school. Lexi decides she is going to get revenge by pretending to date Jeffery’s enemy and her best friend, Trish’s, older brother, Jase. The only problem is the more time Lexi and Jase spend together the more her fake feelings begin to feel real.

Review: I love fake date books. I know it is weird but it is just really like books when people fall in love while pretending to be in love. I was eager to dive into The Importance of Getting Revenge but I never completely warmed up to it. I liked Lexi and her struggle with coming to terms with the boy she loved deciding he didn’t love her was realistic and well done. Lexi is an average girl dealing with average heartbreak which will appeal to many teen readers. However, the boy she chooses to help repair her broken heart is not completely average. Jase is supposed to be a larger than life player who comes across as a little arrogant and a little abrasive. This is not unusual in a fake date book, the male love interest isn’t great until he proves himself to amazing. Unfortunately, Jase never got to amazing. At no point, did he have that moment when he showed himself to be thoughtful and charming. I think I could have overcome Jase’s personality if the story hadn’t felt a little meandering. Lexi and Jase’s journey to find love had just a few too many detours for me to really enjoy the ride. I kept waiting for the declaration of love but it just took forever to get there. I had never read anything by Abram and this book had enough potential that I will read other books from this author but it will not make my top five fake date books.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5

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