Well Met by Jen DeLuca

Hi All! It’s Becky, again. I recently finished the audiobook of Well Met by Jen DeLuca. I had read another book in the series which I had really enjoy and I was pleasant surprised by this Renaissance Faire Romance.

Title: Well Met
Author: Jen DeLuca
Note: I listened tot the audiobook.

Summary: Emily is new to Willow Creek. She has come to town to help her older sister recover from a bad car accident. Emily spends her days helping her sister and niece, Caitlin. When Caitlin decides she wants to try out for the local Renaissance Faire, Emily finds herself trying out. Now, Emily is in a new world filled with costumes, new friends, and Simon, the demanding fair organizer. However, as Emily gets to know Simon, her feeling towards him change, and she may find a new reason to stay in Willow Creek.

Review: Wowza! This book was surprising. Sarah and I reviewed the sequel to this book on our Youtube channel and we were not fans. Check out the video:

However, when I read Well Played I was a little intrigued by the relationship between Emily and Simon. The two were supporting characters in the sequel and I decided to read the first book in the series which tells their story. I was amazed. It was almost like it was written by a different author. Emily and Simon were adorable as they argued and fell in love. Their hate to love relationship started with the perfect amount of snark and ended with the right about of cuteness. The relationship was filled with flirting, misunderstandings, and sizzle which what makes up a great romance. However, DeLucas was able to make her novel stand out with the quirkiness of the Renaissance Fair. It was fun to learn about Ren life through Emily’s eyes as she joined their ranks. The setting took what may have been an average romance book and made it memorable. The story, setting, and characters came together in an enjoyable package that made me want to read more books by DeLuca even if I was disappointed by Well Played.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5

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