Middle Grade Book Review: The Canyon’s Edge by Dusti Bowling

Hiya everyone, it’s Sarah!

I always like to mix in novels-in-verse with my reading, to give myself a better change of pace. The cover on this book made it an instant addition to my TBR pile.



After losing her mother to an active shooter, Nora’s life has been put completely on hold. Her father doesn’t want her to go to school or anywhere in the public for fear that another tragedy could occur. Nora and her father get away from the world to the only place he feels safe, the wilderness. While climbing and hiking, Nora and her father are caught in a flash flood, which separates them. It turns out that the wilderness is not completely safe, just as the world isn’t completely safe. Nora fights hard to find her father and survive this trip. As she is attempting to fulfill her physical needs, she is forced to confront her emotional needs as well.


This book is perfect for the outdoors reader, or the reluctant reader. There is enough action and subject-matter that is unique to the wild that non-traditional readers will be interested in this novel. I loved the pairing of the canyon with the text and the visual enhancement it gave to the story.


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