TBR Thursday: Really Truly by Heather Vogel Frederick

Hi All! It’s Becky. I am a big fan of Heather Vogel Frederick’s Pumpkin Falls series, and I was thrilled when I found out there was a new book in the series. I finally got a chance to read it, and I have to admit I was a little surprised.

Title: Really Truly
Author: Heather Vogel Frederick

Summary: Truly Lovejoy can’t wait for her summer break. All of her siblings are going away for the summer, and she gets to have her mother’s attention. Plus, she can’t wait to spend time with her friends, especially her crush RJ Calhoun. When Truly’s cousin, Mackenzie, convinces their parents to send the girls to Mermaid Academy, Truly’s perfect summer comes crashing down. However, as once in Cape Cod, Truly uncovers a new mystery that may have ties not only to Pumpkin Falls but to the Lovejoy family.

Review: This book definitely pulled me in multiple directions. I loved the first two books in this series and I was waiting with bated breath for the newest book about Truly Lovejoy to be released. In many ways, Frederick lived up to my expectations. Truly is still the same smart and strong girl who is just trying to find her footing as she enters her teen years in a new town as part of a large family. I loved visiting with her and seeing more of her family. I also loved the mystery that she was trying to solve, which once again took us to the history of Pumpkin Falls. The author created the perfect small New England town setting and I devoured parts of the book about the people and their home. However, this book didn’t have the same flow as other books in this series. I understand why Frederick included the Mermaid Academy storyline but, to me, it felt disjointed from the rest of the story almost as if two books had been smushed together. Yes, reading about Truly trying to learn to be a mermaid was fun and it was the gateway to the lost treasure mystery but it also didn’t quite fit the rest of the book’s tone. Yet, even with the small issue, I did enjoy this book and I was happy to revisit the Lovejoy family. The end of Really Truly felt like a natural conclusion for the series but I’m not ready to say goodbye to these characters and hope to return to Pumpkin Falls in the future.

Final Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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