I Love You So Mochi by Sarah Kuhn

Hi All! It’s Becky. I read about I Love You So Mochi a while ago but never got a chance to read it and I was thrilled when I found the audiobook on Overdrive. It was a definitly different than I expected.

Title: I Love You So Mochi
Author: Sarah Kuhn
Note: I listened to the audiobook

Summary: Kimi has known her whole life that her mother expects her to be an artistic genius. Kimi is following her mother’s plans, and she has even been accepted to an elite art program after high school. However, during her senior year, Kimi begins to feel frustrated with her painting and stop doing her art. Kimi’s mother is horrified that she may have endangered her future. Kimi needs an escape, and one comes in the form of a plane ticket to Japan to visit her mother’s parents, whom she has never met. Kimi jumps at the chance to spend the two weeks of spring break in another country, and during her journey, she learns more about her family, herself, and her art.

Review: In many ways, I Love You So Mochi feels very familiar. It is a classic story about a soon-to-be graduate trying to find themselves while deciding what path they will take into adulthood. Kimi is a main character like many others who has gone against her parents’ wishes. She defies them while being lost. Honestly, I found her to be a little dull in the world of YA heroines. However, her journey is what sets this book apart. Kimi spends two weeks over with her mother’s parents in Japan. She doesn’t know them and she doesn’t know the country and getting to view these experiences through Kimi’s eyes is what makes the book worth reading. Kimi is submerged in the culture and, as a reading, I had fun learning about tourist sites and cultural differences. Yes, there are other aspects of this book that were mildly enjoyable. I like her love interest Akira who is stuck between his dreams of being a doctor and his family obligations. If I am telling the truth, I probably would have preferred a book about him. I also kind of enjoyed Kimi’s quest to find her passion. Those parts of the book were entertaining but a little too similar to other YA books. It is the description of Japan and Kimi’s experiences there is what makes the book worth reading.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5

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