Middle Grade Book Review: One Time by Sharon Creech

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

Sharon Creech was my all-time favorite writer growing up. I read her books over and over again. As an adult, I am going back to read the novels I missed and the new ones coming out. When I saw this novel on Edelweiss, I immediately downloaded it.

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Gina has an impressive imagination. She has her own sense of style and way of life, which makes it hard for her to connect with her peers. Gina feels ostracized, but when Antonio, a new student in class, appears Gina finds someone who matches her level of imagination. Gina’s class is pushed to think creatively by their new teacher. Students begin to open up and Gina begins to find her place in the class.


There isn’t much to say about this novel. It felt like a memoir. I think everything could have used a bit more development, from the characters to the plot. Gina’s dad was the most interesting part of this story. He had the spunk and spark that Creech’s characters had back in the 90s.


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